Nation's Burger Station - Building Burgers A Better Way!
At Nation's Burger Station our goal is to provide you with great fast food and fantastic customer service!
New outdoor picnic area! Stop by for a visit!
Let's get down to what we do best....American fast food with a Native American focus!
We specialize in locally-raised beef and buffalo! You can also choose from a variety of chicken and veggie alternatives. To complete your meal we offer an excellent french fry, or for a change from this usual burger addition, you can try a southern treat of sweet potato fries, our fantastic onion rings, crispy breaded mushrooms or hot jalapeno poppers.
As residents of the land of the Blackfeet Tribe, we celebrate the heritage of this small nation by offering buffalo burgers prepared several different ways and a local favorite, the Indian Taco, made with a yeast fried bread, beef and bean chili and traditional taco condiments...each of these selections is an excellent way to experience a little traditional fare! 
Stop in on your way through Blackfeet country!
(Our local folks are already regulars!)
By the way, we also do everything imaginable with
soft-serve ice cream!
Our milkshakes are fabulous!